Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A bit breathless (not used to hills)

Lynton & Lynmouth are miles from everywhere and surrounded by hairpin bends and hilly hills.
Very beautiful though... and the weather was wonderful for their music festival last weekend, warm with a breeze. I sang with the lovely Conspirators, on stage at about 2.30pm on Saturday.

The first one that I sang with them was a harmony with Genevieve on John Gillies beautiful song 'You Are My Sunrise' which is released as a single at the end of June -you can hear a part of it here.
Then came one of my songs, 'Rivers Flow',only the second time I have sung it live (the first time was the night before at the warm up gig that we did at the Village Inn in Exwick -lovely people there). It made me wonder why I'd written so many words? It would have been easier to remember them if I'd written fewer!. Then came 'One Sure Thing', our joint 'hit' single, and then a Conspirators song 'The Trap' for which I sang a backing vocal. After that I left the stage and the Conspirators rocked into the rest of their set.

I was privileged to meet John Hurford there. He is a massively talented artist that was around the London scene at the same time that I was, in fact he spent a lot of time in the record shop (Simon's Stable) that my soon to be husband ran at the time. We used one of his designs for the cover art for the single and I am hoping to use more of his artwork on my future albums. it was such a pleasure to meet him

The Conspirators camped overnight, being young and bendy, my travelling companion and I, being slightly older and unbendy were able to stay with two lovely people, Dave and Pat, who lived nearby. They took us out to supper at a lovely pub/restaurant and were totally wonderful hosts, and drove us the next day to Barnstaple where we caught a million trains back to Oxford. Thankyou Dave and Pat xxx
So that was a real adventure...

Now what. Oh yes I remember. Jack McAuley is coming over from Ireland to play at the Irish Centre in Hammersmith this Friday (20th). I am going to listen to him and hopefully sing a song with him. A Trader Horne mini-reunion. That'll be fun! We haven't met for over 20 years....

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