Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Yup that's me. Granny Jude...

My son and his wife became the extremely proud parents of Freya last week. Let me just say this one thing..she is absolutely beautiful and I am besotted. Yes that's two things. I know. I don't care!!

What else has been happening? The artwork for the album is complete and the music is mastered and it all goes to be manufactured this week and then hopefully I will have the definitive release date and I can work out what I need to do.. I think I will have to have a launch party thing and I expect I shall have to do a bit of singering for that... I will worry about that when the time comes..

I am waiting to hear what the plans are for the Barbican thing, what songs and when rehearsals are. I really hope I am allowed to sing one of the songs that hasn't been sung for 40 years...that would be really nice, but I suppose it's not really up to me.. I might get pushy though...

I thought I would pull up some stinging nettles yesterday, but put the thin gardening gloves on instead of the old motorcycling gauntlets (my favourite for nettles and brambles)and, sure enough, ouch ouch ouch! stung hands and tingly fingers.

That'll learn me.. Someone was supposed to come and remove mounds of ivy and brambles from the side of the little stream, but he didn't turn up. I hate it when people don't let me know when they aren't coming. I think I will look for someone else to help. Unfortunately the rheumatoid arthritis, COPD and the back problem that I have mean that I can no longer do very much gardening and then only for a very short time, and it has all got a bit overgrown. Looks very picturesque, but will look just plain disastrous if it's not cut back a bit soon. Never mind, I will find someone..

I am reading Mick Farren's book - 'Give the Anarchist A Cigarette' It's set in the era and the place where I lived in the late 60's/early 70's, all around Notting Hill Gate. I used to bump into him at various gigs and watering holes in London, when the Deviants played the same places as Fairport. It is bringing back a lot of memories...
I recommend it to anyone who wants to know what that whole hippy era was really like, he is an excellent writer..

Right then.. another cup of coffee I think... I wonder how Alistair's gig is going?

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