Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Crikey! It's nearly July...

Sorry for being so lazy, I forgot about blogging...
My website has been revamped and made more beautiful

 and I also now have a link to my very own shop. You can buy either of the versions of Talking With Strangers (the original John Hurford artwork or the Jackie Morris artwork)  and I will send you a card with a message from me. Or you can buy a copy of Fragile the 7" vinyl picture disc (only a very few of these left now) again with a card, but a different one! The shop is here

and more things will be added as I find them.

New album is getting closer to completion, Pat Mastelotto has added drums, Phil Toms has composed string arrangements for some of the tracks and Steve Bingham and his friends (including the very fine Mr Toms) will be adding proper strings very soon.. Just Mark Fletcher to do his bass bits, and me to redo a couple of the vocals and it will be all systems go for mixing and artwork and mastering and all that malarky..

New manager Paul is being very good and keeping me from falling off the edges by giving me tasks to do. 'Write that!' he cries! 'And write this as well!' he yells! (Not really as fiercely as that, just trying to gain some sympathy for my poor hard done by existence..)

I have a new addition t the household. Nyx the most beautiful black dog (with a few white bits). An ex-racer she is now living in a house for the first time and is trying very hard not to be terrified by the world outside kennels..

At the moment she is asleep on the sofa. Where else would she be?

More updates soon Toodlypip for now :-)


Trainer John said...

Very like my Pippa and our previous Sky in colouring. I see what you mean about addiction.

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