Sunday, 17 August 2008

Dogs (2)

Yes. Well. Exactly. And precisely.

Two dogs will be coming to live with me at the beginning of September. See? I told you I wouldn't last out a month. Well, I was getting lazy and not walking, haven't been in the little wood opposite for ages, don't need to, nothing needs to be walked twice a day.
So that's reason one.
Reason two is that I am just a sucker for a sob story. My daughter is a volunteer at at a greyhound sanctuary, (because she can't have a dog of her own and she needs her greyhound fix) and there, of course, are all these beautiful dogs waiting for homes.

Amongst them were some very elderly dogs. I always adopt old dogs because they are the ones that find it hardest to rehome, and there they were. Whizzy and Flower. Aged 10 and 12. Needing to be rehomed together. Well how could I resist? So I didn't...
I'll post pictures when they arrive...

Fairport's Cropredy Convention was, as usual, a wonderful thing... Accompanied by one of my sisters and two Cropredy (probably Festival) newbies, we had a great time giggling and nattering and listening to good music. The two newbies were Alistair and Tim, so we took advantage of them being here to record more vocals and some autoharpings for the album.
There was a lot of giggling, especially when I was trying to record a very sad bit of singing... I made them shut up after a bit, but only for a few minutes..

We did an interview with Sophie Parkes for Spiral Earth, it's not on the site yet, perhaps we were giggling too much.

This is tremendously lovely. A version of 'If I had a Ribbon Bow', with plasticene figures and 'Ken' dolls. Beautifully badly animated. I think it should win an award .'Treasure of the Year', something like that.

Right then. I'm about to change internet and landline providers. I expect it will all end in tears...

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