Monday, 25 August 2008

That London....

Ah well. That wasn't so bad.. the internet and landline changeover was reasonably painless. In fact it was very painless, (there's asking for trouble...)

So I am still here in the world of the interknitted. Hooray! And only a week to go before the ladies come to live with me. Not exactly panicking, but it's quite a while since I've had two dogs at once and I can't remember how to do it!! It will be all right..

Anyway... feeling very cosmopolitan last week I trotted off to London late on Thursday afternoon on the train. I had been invited to the first birthday party of Dean St Studios where Tony Visconti recorded such people as the Moody Blues, Marc Bolan and David Bowie amongst many others, follow the link and read all about it... now managed by Jasmin Lee, it has become the place for people like Bullet For My Valentine, The Wombats and Sham 69 to record. If this sounds like an ad, well it is a bit... the sense of history is immense and tangible there..

Anyway it was great to see Jasmin and her mum Suzanne, longtime old friends, (my children used to play with Jasmin when they were small) but blimey! Soho is such a noisy crowded place!
Jon the Manager was with me and we were both battered by the racket and the sheer amount of people.. even in the pizza place we had a snack in, that was really noisy as well..

It was lovely to come home and getting off the train at my local station where it is quiet and peaceful.

Dear me, how very rural of me....

Now then what else....I was reading 'Leaving Home' by Garrison Keillor on the train. It was very hard not to chortle out loud. In fact I did a couple of times...

That'll do for now...Toodle pip!

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