Monday, 8 September 2008

That London Again and Dog Hair (lots of it)

Dear me. I keep forgetting to write this. Here we go.

London again. (How cosmopolitan can I get?) This time to Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush to see the extraordinarily fine No-man concert, their first for 15 years. Tim Bowness is one half and Steven Wilson the other, the music was wonderful, the hall was absolutely packed out and very very hot and I wish I'd found the little upstairs bit earlier, where I could actually see over the heads of all the dedicated fans. I am going to get taller one day. Alistair Murphy was there and it was nice to natter about various bits of songs

Jon the manager was supposed to have accompanied me, but a broken foot, plaster up to his knee and a lot of painkillers meant that he had to miss the gig. However I borrowed friend Fi's fiance, Nick, and whizzed to London and back with no problem. (Not very keen on trains and tubes on my own late at night!)

They did two more concerts in Holland and Germany and there are some youtubes of those, I believe.

And now for the other news. My new old greyhounds Whizzy (age10) and Flower (age 12) have now taken possession of the sofas and floor (and the spare bed if I were to let them ).. They are lovely and quite huge. End to end they measure about 8 ft long (if you added the tails it would be over 9ft (3m)) and they are beginning to show their temperaments. Flower is the me me me one that tries to lick everything, Whizzy is the more timid. She only has 4 teeth (the rest were rotten and had to be removed) and they are all at the front of her lower jaw, so her tongue falls out when she's asleep. But I think they are happy and content. They haven't seen much of the world so the fish in the pond in the wood opposite caused a major surprise and quite a lot of rusty barking from Flower. Whizzy wasn't bothered...
Photos when I get them.. In the meantime if you are interested in rehoming a greyhound (or two) here is one of the many excellent sites..

So there we are. More songs are being worked on, more lovely musicians are being roped in to play for me and plans are being laid for the album's future. I will believe it all when it happens..

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