Monday, 6 October 2008

I Am Continually Bemused... the bits of technology that work perfectly well and then stop. The counter on this site for instance. Happily ticking away to itself counting things and then ptoof! gone!!! I didn't tell it to go or throw it away, it just went and I can't figure out how to make it appear again. I don't care...

The dogs are settling down nicely (on the sofas for preference) and they are beginning to learn the trick that all my previous greyhounds did. Which is the nose under the wrist at the moment when I have a cup of coffee in my hand. Thus causing a mess. I let Whizzy off the lead in the wood today. She walked at my heel for most of the time, and then was distracted by some bit of grass and had to gallop to catch up. It is one of the most wonderful sights to watch a greyhound run free, but you have to be fairly sure that they will stop and return to you...

The album continues to grow and expand and change and become more lovely. It is now having bits added to it by musical friends in different parts of the world and will be all the more lovely for it.

I was saddened by the recent deaths of Rick Wright and Brian Morrison, both were connected to my early musical life and were kind to me.

And it seems that I shall become a grandmother early next year! That'll be wonderful, I'd better start practising...... hooray!


Owen said...

I just read your blog and noted the missing counter and then, on backtracking after clicking elsewhere...


The counter has reappeared!

You can thank me later.

And congratulations on your forthcoming grandparenthood.


PS. Wow, this seems to be working today.

Jude said...

yes, but the stupid counter has disappeared again. Well not the word 'Counter' that's always there, but the actual numbers have gone on their holidays. Very strange. And slightly iritating