Saturday, 1 November 2008

Photos and Fireworks

One of the things I find really difficult is having my photo taken. The lovely Nick Jones has been here twice now to take some pictures for all the things I am apparently going to need pictures for.

The first time he came we went to the baby wood and took lots of pictures amongst the trees, with the dogs, and in the garden. He even let me nonchalantly lean all over his Harley Davidson motor bike thing. Very shiny it was. And everything looked fantastic. Except me. Nobody's fault. Just that I was not comfortable..

So today he came here again and took more photos, with my harp and apples and things. These may possibly turn out to be better. It was quite a giggle anyway. And Nick said it was good practice....

It's raining and there are fireworks tonight. The village was having it's annual bonfire and fireworks display. I was wondering how Whizzy and Flower would behave, but apart from a couple of twitches they stayed asleep. Good! Tiggy used to dribble on me in stark fear and it was very distressing that I couldn't calm her.

What else? More contributions for the album are arriving and the demos are getting better and better and in a short while Tim and Alistair will come here to do the final vocal re-records and will record Simon Nicol, Jacqui McShee and Sanchia Pattinson. And then....and then... it'll be nearly finished. Coo.


Koldo said...

When are we going to see the photos? ;-)

Judy, I didn't know you play harp. I play Irish harp too :)

Jude said...

Hi Koldo

Soon, I haven't seen the finished results yet! I don't enjoy being photographed, so I am a bit picky..

I play autoharp, the type with chord bars across, but not very much these days, rheumatoid arthritis prevents much bending of wrists. Irish harps are pretty :-)