Saturday, 6 December 2008

Finished..but not finished

Well that, I think, is the last of the vocal recordings. That is unless someone finds a really crummy bit of singing that needs redoing... The next step, and a crucial one, is the mixing which will take place in Norfolk by the sea so I just have to wait patiently for songs to come flying down the internettery for me to hear.

It seems very strange and I felt sort of flat when Tim and Alistair left yesterday. But there is bound to be something interesting and different that will turn up..

For instance, I have just sung a song for Sand Snowman (I hope he likes it!) and I will be singing something for the Lunar Dunes in January which will be different again.

And there will be stuff in between I expect..

Flower and Whizzy are asleep. They have just moved an ear each.

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