Monday, 19 January 2009

Hooray hooray!!

The album is just about finished and ready for mastering. It will be called 'Talking With Strangers' which is something that I seem to do quite a bit..

If you look here , you can see who has been kind enough to play for me. I am just so delighted with the end result. It makes me grin every time I hear it..

Next step is to let it out into the world and hope that others enjoy it. Gulp! Always the difficult bit. But no use writing all this stuff and making all this music and then hiding it away in a cupboard is there? Tempting though the thought is....

I may have to sing live somewhere. If I do and you see me, I will be clutching some screwed up bits of paper containing the words. Absolutely terrified of forgetting them and going blank... I think I will worry about that later...

What else? Pensionerhood and Grannydom are beckoning in the first part of this year. That's going to make life even more interesting. I shall claim my bus pass and go out for discounted meals. Yippee! It's funny how each new decade seems to bring a new change to my life. I expect it happens to everyone though..

I did a bit of a garden clear up yesterday, just tidying up the japanese anenomes, which seem to have become bullies here.,taking over every bit of spare garden.. Very pretty though in the autumn. And the little witchhazel tree has begun to flower. It is usually out fully by my birthday and has a wonderful smell.

Oh yes and I had the roof fixed. There was a little leak where the previous repair to a flat roof hadn't been properly joined to the main roof. It only leaked when the wind was in a certain direction and it was pouring with rain, but as it was above a doorway and the door was beginning to warp, I really had to do something. So I did. The trouble with having stuff done to a roof is that it doesn't look any different when it's mended. Ho hum..
But the roofmen managed to knock a few of the crystals off the crystal tree so I had to thread them all again and rehang them.

Dear me! This is turning out to be a boring old blog isn't it. I'll try and do better next time..

Jude xxxx

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