Saturday, 13 June 2009

Fetes and practisings

It's the village fete today and for an amazing change, it isn't raining. Well not yet anyway! It's a lovely thing to do, walk down the main street through the village and see and say hello to the people that I have known for years, but in some cases haven't seen for months, but Fete day, everyone comes out for a natter. It's also extraordinary how many people I don't know, who have moved into the village while I wasn't looking. 'Tis what happens when you don't have children at the village school any more, that is the place where many friendships start and continue till the children grow up and move away. Like many villages, sadly there is no way that the children can afford to buy houses in the village where they were born, thus some continuity is broken..

However, there will be cakes and teas and raffles and tombolas and bric-a-brac and plants and guess the weight or guess the name.. and there will be music and dog shows and all the things that a church fete should have on a beautiful honeysuckle filled summers day...

What else? Ah yes I have been practising playing instruments that I haven't really played for too many years so that if I should be called upon to play them I might be able to at least make a stab at it. And relearning songs that I haven't sung for, well,40 years or so.aarrgh! This is all for the Barbican concert in July. Which seemed to be ages away but now errrr isn't that long..but it will be lovely to be playing with old friends. And what's more I will have to be staying for two nights in that there London, on account of rehearsals and idiotic train times. Hopefully the Neff will be dogsitting the Whiz

Plus getting excited about the album which looks (and sounds!) wonderful and can be pre-ordered via my myspace . if you want to. The CDs should be sent out at the end of June/beginning of July.

More building work is going on around me, I wouldn't mind but it's not me that's going to benefit! Big concrete lorries and earth moving tractors outside my windows for the last three days. and because my house is a long old stable, there isn't anywhere to get away from it..hopefully they'll just be building now and not excavating any longer.. I seem to have been surrounded by building works for the last three years.. and I still think the worst thing are the radios blaring at full volume while the builders are somewhere else.. Right, that's today's small rant over :-)

Shall I mow the lawn again? No it can wait for a day or so...

A couple of very large pigeons have built a nest in the winterflowering honeysuckle tree near the kitchen. The crash landings into the branches make me wince, but so far nothing's fallen out of the nest. Not sure there's anything in it. Perhaps it's just a holiday home for them.. There was a panicky baby bird in the kitchen a couple of mornings ago, it must have flown in the evening before. Naturally it was squeaking and attempting to throw itself out of the window, so I had to balance on a stool and grab it (it's a deep windowsill, behind the sink)I caught it by its little feet and then carefully calmed it a bit and put it on the table outside. It flew away... a trifle grumpily I thought..

The honeysuckle and philadelphus blossoms are making me sneeze and my eyes itch. I don't care, it's worth it for the glorious scents :-)

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