Monday, 1 June 2009

It's a bit warm today... I delved into the darkest recesses of the freezer and found a choc ice left over from last year. It's a bit chewy, but it is cold and that's just fine..

So where have I been and what have I done lately? Been cooing over the babe obviously.. She usually cries when I hold her, but I am assured that it is because the holding coincides with needing a nappy change or feeding, but when she isn't crying she is very very pretty. Of course..

Huge gateposts have been built opposite my window for huge gates to be hung, at the entrance to a big house over the lane. I feel a bit as though I am surrounded by people who want to be shut away behind walls and gates, not like the openness of the village when I first moved here, but I suppose people need to feel secure. It seems a shame though. Mind you the other house at the end of the lane has electric gates which have stopped working. Oh dear. I giggled a bit at that.

The album is now manufactured and I am awaiting a pile of them to appear. Somehow, Alistair, Tim and I will have to find somewhere obscure to meet, so that we can sign the first 500..perhaps a tea shop in St Neots, or a service station in Towcester..who knows where we'll end up? McDonalds in Kettering probably..

And the Barbican concert is beginning to loom as opposed to being just a thought on the horizon, Still not sure what I will sing, but I have every faith that Ashley and the others will make a decision for me. It looks as though I shall have to spend two nights in London. Cooo, haven't done that for many a year, have to get someone organised to look after the Whizzy though (whom I am seriously considering renaming Dozy).

Right then, what rock cult legendary thing shall I do now? Mow the lawn? Yes I think so...

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antonjo said...

Well, I hope you enjoyed the rock cult legendary act of mowing your lawn ~ haughtily unencumbered by the obstacle of electric gates that have fizzled.

Judy, you're a delightful writer, from chocolate pops freezer-aged to chewiness (I know exactly what you're describing) to your cooing rather than the baby's!

Well, if my vote counted.....I'd love to hear you sing "One Sure Thing." (And play some recorder, as well!) But whatever it is will be wonderful--can't believe I'll be seeing you guys, I feel so lucky!