Sunday, 5 July 2009

Not Long....

...before the Barbican show.
Should be most entertaining I reckon. Autoharp is tuned ready in case it's needed. Finger and thumbpicks are gleaming in the sunlight. Old plastic school recorders have been located and decisions have been made about which one to use..white?...brown?... should I find a wooden one? More importantly will my fingers play it and have I got the puff to blow.. I expect so, anyway it will be just like the olden days...

I won't worry about that till next week. Jon the M can do any panicking necessary..
Last week I was interviewed for one of the local papers..lovely lady Gill Oliver came for a cup of tea and a natter. I'd spent some of the day in the boilingness that is Oxford seeing my beautiful Freya, who is two months old, smiling and, as far as I can work out, trying to dance, judging by the waving arms and dancing legs.., so by the time I got home I was hot and bothered, but I think I answered all the questions properly. Or possibly improperly. I'll have to wait and see what I said..

Yesterday I had lunch with Richie Unterberger an American author and journalist. Lovely interesting man to natter with.. he is in England to promote his latest book on the Velvet Underground, a fascinating subject, that I should know more about than I do!!

What else? Ah yes, I recorded some harmonies and backing vocals for the probable next Kings Cross single, Every Sentimental Moment/Never Say Never , there are snippets on there, but from before I did anything.. They may of course not like what I've done, but that's fine

And we've been sorting out the artwork for the vinyl limited edition of Talking With Strangers, which will be released by Tonefloat records in September..

And we're sorting out the album launch gig thing which will be in London in mid August. .

So it's all been a bit busy and hectic.
Writing songs? What's that? I'll have to get round to a bit of that soon as well. I suppose..but for now I will feed the Whizz and make a sandwich. Oh no...not cheese again :-)

(strange spellchecker on thought enrtetraining was a proper word...???)

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