Friday, 31 July 2009

then it was Saturday

So. Awake, panic, have a shower, panic, clean teeth, get toothpaste everywhere. Now why was that? The ensuite bathroom to my room was incredibly elegant with a washbasin encased in a beautiful granite surround, But.... it was very high and the basin was set very deep in the granite. So I had to stand on tiptoe and I still couldn't quite reach the basin to wash my face..I had to kind of aim at my face and throw water at it..managed it in the end though. but hence the toothpaste everywhere as well.. Where was I? Ah yes clean teeth, panic, get dressed, panic,down to breakfast, panic...etc. I was a bit twitchy as you may guess.

Anyway Jon and I went out for a walk and found errr nothing much but concrete! Being the City of London it was mainly closed on more concrete walking and back to the hotel, where we had a cup of coffee and nattered to Iain Matthews while we waited for the transport to take us to the Barbican, where soundchecks were going on and lunch was waiting..

I was not hungry, so I ate a handful of liquorice all sorts and nattered to whoever was passing. Practiced my harping and my recordering and panicked some more..

Finally at 6 pm it was time for my soundcheck. By this time I was really twitching and everyone else was really tired, but the sound was set up for me and my harp and my voice as I would be on first..

So I changed into my stage outfit, and tried to look as if I knew what I was doing with eye makeup and the like.. and suddenly it was time. Ashley Richard and Simon went on stage and took their places followed by me. I was going to start off the whole thing by talking a bit about where I had met them and where we had played and then began play my autoharp and to sing 'Satisfied Mind'.

I haven't really played my harp properly on stage since the Trader Horne days and the swollen joints of rheumatoid arthritis had led me to believe that I wouldn't ever be able to play again. Luckily the fearsome drug that I am infused with every two months had suppressed the disease enough for me to play the harp once more. My wrists ached and I had bruises on my arm from where the tuning pegs were pushing into my forearm but....I did it.
And I remembered all the words!. Then off with the harp and straight into 'Time will Show The Wiser', then 'One Sure Thing' with a bit of recorder playing, and finally 'Jack O'Diamonds' with a sort of odd recorder solo.

Then I was done.. Off stage and then back stage.. to watch and listen to everyone else. Till it was time for the encores. I didn't go on stage for 'Si Tu Dois Partir', because I can never remember the words, but Chris While and I joined the rest of the band and singers for 'Meet On the Ledge'.

And that was that...what a fantastic night!

Lots of natterings and chortlings, the recorder was signed by Iain, Ashley, Richard, Simon and me and I have just auctioned it on ebay in aid of the Greyhound Charity from whence Whizzy and Flower came. It raised £210 so that will be on it's way to them very soon..
Then back to the hotel and fall asleep and it was all over..


Kurt said...

Sounds like you had a great time!Would of loved to have been there.
Nice job on the auction and on the new album!It is my new favorite album.
Keep up the great work and have fun at Cropredy.

Jude said...

Thanks was fun and I am delighted by the auction..better blog about that next..I should write more often....

richardpeej said...

I am glad that you are singing again Judy after your long break. I saw Fairport Convention twice in Bristol in the early 1970's but sadly you had left before then. I also saw Steamhammer at Beaufort in the early 1970's who were great-a memorable performance.Best wishes with your new 'Strangers' album, as I call it!
Take care and best wishes for the future