Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tomorrow is a brilliant day

Tomorrow is the 10th August 2009 and it is the day that my album, 'Talking With Strangers' is finally released. What shall I do to celebrate it?

I know! I will get up early,feed and walk the Whiz and probably drive to the Park and Ride in Oxford, go to Radio Oxford in Summertown and be interviewed there for about half an hour. Then I will take the bus further into Oxford (hooray for bus passes) and go to look in HMV and see if my CD is really and truly there.. And if it is I shall hug myself and want to tell someone, so I will go and have a cup of coffee with friend Chris and tell him all about it. Then I shall get back on the bus and return to Radio Oxford at 1pm to do another interview with Radio Suffolk to go out that evening. Then back to the park and Ride and drive home and back to the reality of walking the Whiz again

Look here! 4 wonderful reviews....
BBC Music Reviews written by the lovely Sid at DGM who have a copy of the album to give away here

The Progfiles. (I'm doing an interview with them at the moment)

Record Collector

and Netrhthyms

It's all going swimmingly !!


Kurt said...

Congrats on the official release of your great album!Everyone I play it for just loves it!
BTW,Tomorrow is Vinyl Record Day.Dig out that old turntable and spin some vinyl!
Take Care,

Jude said...

Thank you Kurt, I am delighted to hear it. I will see if the old turntable is still working or whether it needsa new piece of elastic...

Michael Heningham said...

Ms Dyble,

I was reading your blog some time ago about your becoming a grandmother, meant to check back and life got in the way. Great news about the new release, and grandchild. Life is good.

"I Talk To The Wind" with your vocal has always been one of my favorite King Crimson works. I had always wanted to put a face to that beautiful voice, and what a wonder that it's such an amazing match. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to put the history together and discover your earlier work with Fairport Convention. My college roommate was a F/C fanatic, but with Sandy Denny singing. It kept me from being interested in the band, but your vocal work was exceptional. I wish I had discovered your vocals with the band sooner, but better late than never. "I don't know where I stand", is like a time capsule of the best of the Sixties sound just waiting to be discovered by new admirers.

It's an honor to be able to write to you and thank you for your music, and of course ...your blog.

All the best,
Michael Heningham
Sturbridge, MA

Jude said...

Thank you Michael, how lovely!

I am very touched by your comments and I shall attempt to write my blog more regularly.. I keep getting sidetracked..
Golly... I'm all of a blush :-D

sam spade said...

whoa! judy dyble! i am honored that you would write a comment on my blog page (the one with the video of 'chelsea morning'). of course sandy denny is great, but you are, in my opinion, the better of the two. fairport convention's first album is one of my favorite records and i have listened to it so many times, i've practically memorized it. your vocals are so fantastic. nothing beats that record in my mind. thank you so much for your voice. i know that sounds terribly cheesy, but oh well. anyway, i can't believe you commented on my blog...i'm totally honored. take care!

sam spade said...

ps: i'm really sorry if i offended you by saying i like you better than sandy denny. it was poor phrasing. i just meant that i like you. no comparison to anyone meant. i wasn't putting down sandy denny. i was just saying that i think you are extremely talented and awesome. so i hope that you won't think negatively of me (if you think of me at all, that is) - because then i would be super bummed out. some guy who writes a whole blog devoted to sandy denny wrote a snide comment on my blog saying i "wasn't doing anyone any favours by comparing the two ladies" or something so now i feel like i really did something bad! this is silly. okay, i will stop writing.
please keep on being amazing!

Jude said...

Thank you Sam Spade, I'm delighted that my music given you pleasure over the years and I hope to continue to do so..

sam spade said...

you are really wonderful! "talking with strangers" is very good - your voice is still so incredibly beautiful, and has even more layers to it now as years have passed. i am glad i found your blog because i wasn't aware of your new releases! yes, your music will always continue to give me great pleasure - i'm going to go put on my fairport record right now! take very good care, and i'm super honored i was able to talk with you a little bit, even if it was through a computer, haha. :-)

Robert Page said...

Hi Jude, the wonderful music that formed the British folk/rock movement of the late sixties has been a source of great enjoyment for me for many decades. Recently on youtube I viewed Richard Thompson performing a haunting version of "Woodstock" at a Joni Mitchell tribute with Joni herself in the audience. She was obviously deeply touched. As I looked more deeply into the influential groups performing several decades ago in the UK, I realized how wonderfully talented your artists are, and that many such as Richard, John Renbourne, Bert Jansch, and Jacqui McShee were still making great music. In re-familiarizing myself with these legacies, Fairport Convention stood out prominently as a seminal yet enduring part of this legacy. In viewing some of the Fairport Convention archival material on Youtube, I was able to enjoy your performances and appreciate your vocal artistry. The online threads brought me to your blogs and bio. It is splendid that having raised a family, you have now resumed your artistic career. This is just to thank you for your contributions, and to let you know here in America, you are loved, remembered, and respected for your talents. Please be well, and best wishes for the continued success of your re-emerging artistic endeavors. Many thanks for sharing your story and ongoing activities with us fans online.