Friday, 4 September 2009

Well heavens...

Sorry this is a bit late...a lot of things have been happening so I shall just tell you some of them...

The week of the release was good fun if a bit talkative. I did 7 or 8 local radio interviews mostly be telephone and I wittered and waffled to the best of my ability about the album and my odd life..Seemed to go down very well, which was good. The weekend was Fairport's Cropredy Convention Festival which I started off by being interviewed at Radio Oxford, then dashed off to the festival with Jon the M who hadn't been to Cropredy before.

The weather was fantastic, the artists were all brilliant, Steve Winwood and Yusuf Islam in particular.. I wasn't singing but I was signing Cds at one stage and nattering to as many friends as I could find. back home every evening as I live fairly nearby and not a wellie was needed, or indeed any coats.

Friday evening I listened to old friend BP Fallon on Breakthru radio in New York who made me artist of the week and was just lovely about the album

Took Whizzy on the Saturday to see how she got on, but as she got a bit stressed by so many people,and the heat and the walking, I took her home again where friend Nancy looked after her. She soon went back to sleep on the couch... again..

Sunday morning was exciting, we'd had a message that the Mail on Sunday wanted pictures sent, but we weren't quite sure why and we were delighted to find that we had been given a really nice review in the paper.. Grin grin... and I did another radio interview via Skype with Vince and Daisy Font of the Prog'opolis radio programme that will be aired sometime soon.

The next week... more interviews and then suddenly the weekend arrived and along with it Alistair and Mark Fletcher (who played bass on the album and whom I'd not met before) we began to run through the songs from the album in order to prepare for the launch gig at the 100 Club, the following week. That went very well and we all went to the pub for supper, about 11pm Tim appeared, having been driven up from London where the newest No-Man DVD- Mixtaped- had been launched that evening. So Tim had been nattering and chatting to No-man fans and was quite tired, but we still stayed up nattering till around 2 am.. Then Sunday the three of us started rehearsing and in the early afternoon, Simon Nicol joined us, to run through everything that he was playing on.. All went well and everyone had gone home by about 6pm.

Whizzy had managed to damage a claw on the Friday night so was limping about in a big blue bandage looking pathetic all weekend, but the bandage was removed on the Monday and she forgot all about limping...

More interviews.. a trip to the hospital for my bi-monthly infusion of fearsome drugs to keep the rheumatoid arthritis beaten into submission and was Thursday..... more tomorrow. :-)

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