Thursday, 1 October 2009


...and I haven't written a thing for ages..

So what have I been up to? Well I got on a train and went to London one fine September day, I met up with the lovely Stuart E at Marylebone and we set off through the tunnels of the underground to Old St where I was to meet and do a short interview with Robert Elms, for British Airways. To go on the in-flight audio whatsit that gets played to all the passengers (if they're not watching the film, that is). There would be a review of Talking With Strangers interspersed with nattering from me.. I knew I should have made sure beforehand that everyone knew that Dyble rhymes with libel and not scribble, so I had to interrupt Mr Elms and say 'errrr sorry that's a bit wrong'. Hated doing that but there you go.... He seemed happy about it and we nattered about this that and the other, and then back on the tube and the train and home... Hope it was ok but I haven't heard anything more about it so no news is good news..

An old friend from my primary school days contacted me and came up to visit with her husband and have meal at the pub with me. It was lovely to be nattering after (good grief!) 50 odd years, but lovely too, our lives have some interesting coincidences.
Then another radio interview, this time with Roger 'Twiggy' Day at Radio Kent. He was very nice and it was only later that I realised just how far back in my radio-listening he had been a part of, Radio Luxembourg and the Pirate Radio Caroline and the early days of Radio One (I think) as well...

Through facebook I have been virtually introduced to Jackie Morris whose wonderful status updates just flow like magical streams of consciousness, but with the added piquancy of her wit and practicality. I swapped a signed CD for a copy of her latest book 'Tell Me a Dragon' and I think I got the best of the bargain because it is a totally glorious book. I think it is aimed at very young children, but I suspect it would become a favourite and would be a treasured book forever. When Freya gets bigger, I shall read it to her, but I might have to buy her her own copy because I love this one so much. And anyway Jackie has drawn me a singing dragon of my very own on the title page..
I hope to be collaborating with her in the near future. How lovely will that be?

I am also looking out songs and ideas for the next album, which feels odd because Talking With Strangers is only just out into the world, but that's how it has to be. The vinyl version has just been released as well and is now available from Tonefloat. There is a signed postcard in each copy and there are only 500 copies for sale of this beautiful thing..

The CD will be released in the USA and in Australia in January and talks are going on for Japan and France . And Scandinavia. Well well. Who'd have thought?

Oh yes.. I have done a bit of singing on a new single release from Kings Cross, called 'Every Sentimental Moment' That's released in November.. and somewhere along the line, Grey October Day will be released as a single. Should be in October shouldn't it? Well we'll see.....

Onwards and upwards... Whizzy sends a toothless snore to you all... :-)

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