Thursday, 22 October 2009


Right then, news and plans for the end of this year and next year (heavens!)

I have done a bit of singering on the forthcoming Kings Cross vinyl single Every Sentimental Moment available here

that's released on the 2nd of November

An ep of 3 songs that weren't included on Talking With Strangers, and one song of Sand Snowman's that I have sung on will be released in January

It will be called 'Fragile'

And my own single with Tim, Grey October Day will be released in October January as well :-)

Tim (the Crooner) and Alistair (the Curator) and I will be working on my next album currently called Jude2 until we think of something better! I expect there will be more collaborations with startlingly nice people.....

I have also just begun to work on a collaboration with the lovely Lee Fletcher and the fantastic Markus Reuter on music that will probably be extraordinary and different..

Talking With Strangers is being released in the US, Australia,France, and Scandinavia early next year

And we will be releasing a vinyl re-issue of the first Trader Horne album, 'Morning Way' early next year

And there are more odd things in the be continued

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