Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Last Week - Meetings and Songs and Workings...

Last week Markus Reuter and Lee Fletcher came to stay for a couple of days. I had met Lee for the first time at the 100 club launch, but Markus I had never met, although I had been exchanging emails and messages via myspace and facebook for a long time..

This was to be a pretty intensive recording and writing session with the hope of creating some interesting music, Lee had been writing music for some of my words and I had been writing words for some of Markus' music so this was a chance to put everything together and see what happened...

They were both delightful visitors and we got on famously (I think!). The Pink room was once again filled with musical instruments and bits of electronic machinery and cables and pieces of paper with scribbles and transpositions and extra additional words.

The end result was the beginnings of 6 seperate songs, one of which was a cover, but the others were all new.. I love this bit, when ideas are being formed and harmonies and dissonant chord sequences are being invented, taking shape and becoming surprising and delightful bases for the songs to grow on..
They both left on Friday to go to London where the album 'This Fragile Moment' was being launched at the Estonian Embassy. Produced by Markus and mastered by Lee, it features Markus, Toyah Willcox, Chris Wong (both from 'the Humans')and two Estonian musicians, Robert Jurjendal and Arvo Urb

It's lovely, as is the album that Markus has produced for Chrysta Bell

It's so good to be working with such creative musicians :-)

And I hope to start working on Jude2 with Alistair, very soon.

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Johnny said...

Wonderful and exciting news, Judy!