Thursday, 10 December 2009

New artwork, new releases, new things...

Talk about lazy......

 Well, to celebrate various releases of the album in different far flung places in the world, as you will see, the artwork for Talking With Strangers has had a complete overhaul. Thanks to John Hurford and Koldo Barroso for the lovely images on the first UK version (which is all but sold out now) and so the next UK pressing, and the Scandinavian release (Termo Records, Jan 25th 2010) now features the simply lovely artwork of the very talented Jackie Morris. please do check her website out -

The new version has an extensive booklet, featuring stunning gold leaf backed paintings, in the style of the front cover you can see.

Please do support Termo if you are in the wintry reaches of Northern Europe, and especially as that version has a currently exclusive bonus track 'Fragile'. You will be able to buy the album from all good record shops throughout Scandinavia.

Right, what else? Well, recording continues with Lee Fletcher and Markus Reuter, we have the beginnings of 6 songs now, which sound absolutely lovely, and we will be continuing to work on those over the winter.

Recording has also started in earnest with Tim Bowness and Alistair Murphy for the follow up to TWS, so far, we have one song written with Julianne Regan which is as wonderful as you might hope it would be, and 3 others in various states of readiness. I will keep you updated on progress...

Live shows in 2010. Yes, (gulp!) you read that right, I am likely to do 2 or 3 festivals next year, with a very special line up. More news on that early next year.

It is also very possible that Jack and I will reform for a one off Trader Horne reunion show, and that will be quite enough live singing for one year, thank you very much.

Finally for now, 2010 will see a re-issue of the Trader Horne album on vinyl, which rather wonderfully will include exact replicas of the two very hard to find vinyl singles. I am told this will be in March, and details of how to order will be available soon.

Oh, and the small matter of the 'single' from TWS, the Fragile box set, a compilation with a song of mine on for the very clever man who formed Creation Records, and TWS to be released in the USA, France, Australia, and Japan.

Retirement seems a very long time ago.....

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