Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year - New Adventures

A very happy New Year to everyone (anyone!)  who reads this..I suspect it will be full of lovely things and possibly scary things, of joyful things and a few sad things, of daft things and annoying things...much like most years really, but with the added excitement of the unknown. So I will be very positive and say that I am looking forward to it.
My New Year's resolution is that I will stop using the word 'that' when I really mean to say 'who', unless of course when I really do mean that. Like just now for instance. I'm confusing myself now...

I have been doing a little bit of singing for one of the new album songs, but I have no idea how it will fit where it needs to be fitted...and I am impatiently waiting to hear the melody for another song. So I am in a kind of limbo. Waiting for things to appear and trying not to be too impatient because I do know that these things take time and drumming my fingers won't help at all. Or stamping my feet. Actually stamping my feet might warm them up . It's freezing tonight.. I took Whizzy on her last walk of the day just now and the frost was thick and sparkling under the moon.

Somewhere else, the question was asked. 'What were you doing 10 years ago?'
My children were away from home, both had sweethearts (who they subsequently married) I had been widowed for 6 years and was just getting the hang of being on my own with dogs for company.. I had no internet connection or indeed a computer that it could be connected to, for anything I wanted to type in a straight line, I used my trusty old BBC B computer with a huge printer..

I was working in the library as a casual assistant so I got called in when they needed extra hands. I loved that job, no responsibilities, books all over the place and lovely people to work with..and I had no intention of singing again, apart from the one speedy re-appearance at Cropredy to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band...
The island pond field where I had walked my dogs for years, had been bought by the village and the Woodland Trust from the developers that who had tried unsuccessfully for years to build 300 houses on it, and the whole field was now full of newly planted twigs in plastic protectors  that would in ten years time become a respectable young wood of forty-foot trees (or possibly more - I can't judge that sort of thing) and where I would find songs hanging in the wind for me to play with. But ten years ago that was all in the future.

So. Ten years later I am still on my own with a dog, smaller and scruffier than ever (me, not the dog,they just get more elegant and graceful), but with four albums created, the latest of which is the one I am most proud of. The others may see the light of day again one day. I may redo some of the songs because they are almost 'there', but not quite... but then againI may leave them as they are -  a snapshot of my past. And I did fall in love again briefly, but it was a fragile thing that had no air to breathe. But who knows what is in the future? I am continually curious....


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Judy,
with a lot of pleasure I discover your blog, I ran into it by case today... I see that you like to write a good number of things, happenings, stories, in certain points seems like a diary... I actually don't know much what to say and my English is not perfect, but of course I want to thank you for those wonderful musical things that I have where you sing: the Trader Horne album first, the Fairport's debut album and I talk to the wind which I have on "The young person's guide" anthology. I would be proud to list myself as your follower but I still don't manage to understasnd how it works... Well, possibly in the next days :-))
Till soon,
big hug from Francis

Jude said...

Well thankyou Francis..

You are very kind, I will try to keep this blog updated with whatever comes into my head and hopefully it will be of interest.. :-)