Saturday, 27 February 2010

Snowy in Norway

I was a bit worried you know... Talking with Strangers is about to be released in Norway by Termo Records on the 1st March and I had agreed to go there for a couple of days to do some interviews with magazines, if they wanted me to do so.. Suddenly the whole thing expanded to include two television and one radio appearances and quite a few interviews.. So instead of just going over there quietly with Jon the manager and nattering a bit, I ended up taking Tim and Alistair  as well to perform with three fantastic young Norwegian musicians, Norwegian Grammy nominated saxophonist Magnus Furu ,  bass player Ellen Wang,  and flautist Ketil Einarsen who all played sensitively and beautifully  on 'Jazzbirds' and 'Grey October Day'... and didn't seem to mind having to rush around Oslo and get up at ridiculous times of the day for two days.

We were recorded for 'Lydverket' Norway's premier music tv show (I guess the equivalent in the UK would be Jools Holland's 'Later'at the rehearsal studio and for God Morgen Norge the morning breakfast show (we had to get up at 4 am for that one) and for NRK P2 which is a cultural radio station a bit like Radio 4 in the UK .. interspersed with interviews for daily papers and rock magazines so it was all a bit of a non stop couple of days.and great fun... the Norwegians were so very kind and delighted that I was there that I was very relaxed and , I think, sang my best.. apart from when I totally forgot a line and had to make something up on the spot. Luckily it rhymed..;-)

Best of all was meeting Jacob and Lars from Termo Records who looked after us so well , and not forgetting Lars' parents who let three tired people stay at their beautiful farm and fed them magnificently. xxx's to you all

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