Friday, 25 April 2008

Friday morning

The piano tuner came yesterday. My poor old piano that I love and have owned for 30 years is about a semitone flat. That's because I didn't have it tuned for (ahem!) 10 years and when it was last tuned six months ago, it was so flat that it couldn't be brought up to concert pitch in one go.
In the last six months it has been gradually de-tuning itself again so it needed to be sorted out quite badly. It's now in tune (still a semitone down though) and will hopefully stay that way for 6 months when hopefully it can be tuned up again.

Well that's fairly boring isn't it?

What is more interesting, is that Enchanted Garden is be issued again soon and I hope that it will be more widely available than it was before.

And even more interesting is that last weekend, I got to meet the two people who will be collaborating with, arranging and producing my next album, Alistair Murphy and Tim Bowness.
Tim Bowness, of course, is half of No-Man with Steven Wilson and they have a new album released next month and has worked with many fine artists including Richard Barbieri, No-Sound and Markus Reuter/Centrezoon.

Alistair Murphy,(Half Life) is a writer, performer and collaborator with Tim and with Terry Stamp (Third World War).

(Hope I've done those blue clicky things right....)

Anyway I plied them with 2 different sorts of tea and jam tarts and recorded some vocals for them to take away. Always very strange meeting people that you've only been talking to by email and even stranger to be singing to them in my house. But it was fine and there were many giggles and jokings and natterings.
Tiggy the ancient greyhound lay around amongst the cables and feet in the contortionist positions that only greyhounds can sleep in. She is old and occaisionally rather pongy, but one has to ignore that kind of thing......

Right. That'll do for now. More later


Owen said...

Hi Judy,

Nice blog.

Yours succinctly,

Jude said...

Thank you Owen,

Beautifully said.

I shall try and maintain the current standard. Or get much better...