Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunny Sunday

LLAMA festival all sorted. Song written and sent. Barbecue was a success.

And I have planted some seeds. Glory vines. They've been sitting in a paper bag for two years so they might not germinate.

And the pink fir apple potatoes that I planted in two big flowerpots have all sprouted. Definitely a growing day today.

Why are baby stinging nettles so vicious? Eh? and ouch!

I should have mowed the lawn..... but I played the piano instead.

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London Refugee said...

Llama Festival - terrific title for it in 4/4 or a bossanova beat? It should bullet to 5 or 6 on the poptabulous charts.

As for the lawnmowing against piano-tinkling quandary, perhaps you could one of those clever bods like Bayliss or Dyson and they could construct you a.... pianomower! D#Eb: lower the blades, B-: hover forward, C#: 1" cut, ABmaj7: concentric circles, Aminor: dispense a cool lemonade.

As as they say to me round here..."There's nowt wrong wi' bloody witterings. Bloody bloody southerners up bloody north!"

The Refugee

PS Check out my blog 7/6/07 for llama story.