Thursday, 1 May 2008

ooooh Ouch ouch

This evening I am currently looking like a half-hearted attempt to imitate the Invisible Man. I had a small skin thing removed from my face this morning. It's not definitely a skin cancer but to be on the safe side it was removed and will be checked.

I therefore have a wodge of steristrips protecting some stitches and the beginnings of a beautiful black eye. And the anaesthetic has worn off now, so I feel as though I have walked into a wall..

And the moral of the story is.....if you think you may have a weird lump or mole, anywhere, get it checked out.

Right. That's enough of the serious stuff. What made me amazed today?

That Finnish accordian player Kimmo Pohjonen

I shall go and listen to him play next month. Earth music. On a farm. Where else?


Owen said...


Kimmo is amazing. I saw him down here in a solo show in January as part of the Sydney Festival.

You can read my take on the experience at

My review of his album with KTU (also feat Pat and Trey from the 2000-2003 Crimson) can also be found on that blog.


Jude said...

I am really looking forward to seeing him play especially as it is close to my home and in such interesting surroundings. Thank you for pointing me towards your review of his show. I am delighted to say that the tickets here sound much cheaper!(£10). Although actually I'm not sure how that compares, anyway it sounds cheaper!