Saturday, 17 May 2008

It's Saturday

It was warm last week, and then it went cold. Now it's a bit warmer. So was that Summer? And are we now in Autumn? And will it be Winter again soon? Whatever- I have put my socks back on..

I am writing a list of the songs that I want to record for my next album.
Four songs already have vocals recorded and the beginnings of the beginnings.
Another two are written and are waiting for the recording of the guitar parts, so that I can sing the words.
One more is on it's way to me from the writers.
And I have a CD of 12 more songs to choose from.
Oh and there are at least four more of my own songs waiting patiently in the wings including an autobiographical song that might end up as a concept album all on it's own if I don't keep my eyes on it. I can feel it wanting to spread out and escape.

But actually, what a lovely thing to be doing...

I have been listening to No-Man's 'Schoolyard Ghosts' this week. If I am not careful I can just drown in this kind of music and there is one song on it that I would quite like to sing. So that gives me good reason to listen to the whole thing repeatedly. As if I need an excuse............

Tonight I am going to see that Kimmo Pohjonen, the Finnish Accordion player on a farm.
I may wear my wellies and take a scarf

And I shall go to the opening night of Dickens Unplugged next weekend because I have been invited by the man who wrote it. How fine is that?

All this and lunch at a fabulous restaurant with someone I was at school with. It's going to be an interesting week.

Just a shame that the scar on my face is a bit swollen and unhappy. It's a good job I am not vain...


London Refugee said...

Here I was logging in to your blogging with the hope of a post-modernist deconstruction of the Cup Final, but...NO...oh dear!

Good to hear you're into a happy phase of song-writing. Could your next recording session coincide with Cropredy and guest sessions from Tyger, Simon, Ian M and RT?
(No-Man is lovely and hypnotic in a similar way that The Blue Nile is)

Where in tarnation is that legion of JD followers to revel in your witterings and leave comments?

The Refugee

Jude said...

Ah well the legion of followers have probably not quite found my pages of rubbish yet.....

Cup final deconstruction coming up...