Friday, 30 May 2008

Where Was I?

Ah yes....

Dickens Unplugged is very very funny indeed. And the music and songs are brilliant. 'The Old Curiosity Shop' in four lines is just one of many wonderful things.

Adam Long who wrote and directed it is lovely as well. What a talented man!

As we had a bit of time to spare before seeing the show, friend Angie and I had a mooch around Fortnum and Mason. Beautiful things that I don't want but I am glad that someone has made them. I quite liked the £60 egg cup......

Now then. Colin Harper, he of the witty pen, biographer of Bert Jansch, writer of other books and compiler of many a good compilation and Librarian in Belfast, has put together a 2 CD set of songs that he has written, played and sung by himself and his many highly talented friends and errr, me. It's called The Fieldmouse Conspiracy and you can read about it and listen to bits of it here

I am singing on the track 'Looking Glass Hall'

Colin reviewed the 30th anniversary of Fairport at Cropredy in 1997 for Mojo magazine. He said that I had 'gracefully aged'. He is now my friend forever... :-)

I'm off to do some recording of guide vocal tracks tomorrow for three more songs. Alistair and Tim are working hard on the tracks I have done. Alistair won't let me hear them yet. Grumble mutter grumble

More soon....

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