Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Halfway through....

....another week.

I have just watched the last few minutes of the Cup Final between Manchester United and Chelsea.
My post modernist deconstruction of the whole game is that all the players should have little umbrellas tied to their necks. They looked very soggy. And their mums will be very cross that they got so muddy.

And that Kimmo Pohjonen was absolutely stunning. What a superb musician he is. And to incorporate, tractors, hay balers, chainsaws, pigs, into the performance was just extraordinary. And all in a farm barn with hay bales to sit on and a corrugated iron roof.
Go see him if you can...

Right where was I? The little skin thing that might have been nasty and cancerous is benign. So that is really good news. Hooray!

Lunch at the fab restaurant was just that. Fab. M. Blanc's Manoir is just wonderful and it was great to meet up with the old school friend and try to remember names of people. Not very successfully, but thank you James anyway!

What's next? I am going to see Dickens Unplugged on Friday. I am looking forward to that!

I'll tell you what it is like later

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