Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Daft bats

It's 10.pm on Tuesday evening and I am listening to the Pete & Dan show on Phoenixfm radio.
I still don't know why I think this funny, but I do. They are the Belisha Band boys and they are both quite bonkers. They do write splendid songs though. listen to Calamity Lane...

My face is a wonderful mixture of different non-matching colours now. The stitches come out on Thursday and I think that after that I might begin to look reasonably human again. Well there's always hope!

The lawn needs mowing. Again. But I shan't do it right now because it's nearly midnight and it's a bit dark.

Real World had their servers stolen so they are off line. How can someone steal a server? I thought they were bits of ether. Could they be sold on to someone? My mind is having a little boggle here

Right that's enough wittering...

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