Saturday, 26 April 2008

Spring Saturday

A beautiful morning. I walked the Tig around the not-quite-so-baby woodland and tried to fix the words of a song into my brain. One I hope to be singing with the Conspirators at the Lynton & Lynmouth Festival. Providing we get a chance to practice it somehow, them being up in Yorkshire and me being in Oxfordshire. Let alone the logistics of getting to Devon. I am sure it will sort itself out....hopefully..

Right this minute I am waiting for my daughter to possibly arrive. My son and his wife are having a farewell barbecue before they set off on their travels around the canals of England for as long as it takes them..... So theNeff and I will be joining them and their friends in glorious Cropredy. And it looks like they've picked the nicest day for a barbecue.

So I wait...... and delete all those emails from the lovely people who want me to help them move money around or buy shoes or watches or drugs......

Think I'll have a biscuit.


P.S I said these would be 'witterings'. Was I right? Yes.

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